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10 Most Popular Android Apps

Whether you are looking for a new game to play or you need a new utility to make your life easier; Amazon will most likely have an app that will cover you. As proof of this simple fact, here are the top 10 most popular android apps from Amazon’s app store based on downloads and positive reviews.

1. Candy Crush Saga

2. Minecraft-Pocket Edition

3. Despicable Me: Minion Rush

4. My Horse

5. Holy Bible

6. Guess the Emoji

7. Pinterest

8. Calculator Plus Free

9. Pandora

10. Monster Busters


10 gadgets for the bookworm in your life

Everyone knows one of them. They always have their nose stuck in a book, they don't go anywhere without one and they are perennially asking you if you've read the book version of that movie that just came out. Bookworms. Book lovers. Bibliophiles.

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Although book reading has historically been an analog and solitary activity, 2015 brings with it a new appreciation for digital gadgets, and the book industry isn't exempt from the wave of tech innovation. Read below for 10 gadgets that would make the perfect gift for any book lover out there.

1. Vessyl smart cup
Although a smart cup doesn't at first glance seem like a great gift for a book lover, think again. Imagine all of those cozy hours cuddled up and drinking coffee, tea or wine in that perfect little reading nook. With Vessyl, book lovers will be able to track their caffeine and calorie intakes, while making sure that they are optimally hydrated for the day. Vessyl has been in the works for more than seven years, and is finally set to manufacture and ship cups this spring.

The idea is that if you're fueling your body with the right liquids, you can feel better than you've ever felt before. So give your bookworm the gift of health and many more years of reading.

2. DIY book light
Now this pick is probably best for the creative and crafty types, but a custom DIY book light would be an incredible gift for any book-obsessed person. The light turns off when you close the book, and it gives off different levels of light depending on how widely you open the book. You'll need some basic soldering and wood-cutting skills and a book that you're willing to tear apart — but besides that, you really just need a couple of afternoons and some simple craft supplies.

Imagine turning your giftee's favorite book into a priceless lamp they can use forever. This will be a gift they'll certainly remember for years to come.

3. Levo G2 Deluxe Tablet Stand
For those supremely lazy or multitasking readers, the adjustable iPad stand is here to save the day. Four bungee cords will hold their tablets snugly, allowing them to relax, recline and browse with ease. Readers can place the stand next to their couch or cozy reading chair. They can also take it with them into the kitchen while they're cooking, or place it next to their treadmill while working out.

4. Book rest lamp
If your book lover is constantly misplacing his or her bookmark and losing their place while reading, this is the perfect gift. There's nothing quite as relaxing as reading a good book right before falling asleep, and this lamp was designed with that in mind. There's nothing quite as relaxing as reading a good book right before falling asleep, and this lamp was designed with that in mind. The frosted glass gives off a soft glow that's strong enough to read by, but not so bright that it will keep you awake. It's also an adorable addition to any room, and will allow your bookworm to showcase his or her favorite reads.

5. Waterproof Kindle Paperwhite
For all of those readers out there who have dreamt about taking their e-reader into the bath with them, but were too scared to do so, rejoice! Waterfi is a company dedicated to waterproofing the electronics we all love, but are terrified to ruin by accidentally dunking them in water. The waterproofing process allows readers to take their device underwater up to 210 feet, so pool fanatics and beach-goers can enjoy them as well. The Kindle Paperwhite itself is an incredible device, boasting an eight-week battery life, 4GB of memory to store thousands of books and built in Wi-Fi so you can download anywhere with a wireless connection.

One of our favorite features for language learners or vocabulary enthusiasts is the flashcard function. Any word you highlight and look up in a dictionary is automatically added to a flashcard pile that you can use to quiz yourself later. Once you've learned the word, you can then delete the word from the flashcard pile and keep on learning. There are also different text sizes and font selections to choose from, so every reader can customize their reading experience to their preferences.

6. The Parent's Voice Book Storyteller
If your bookworm is still a child developing a love of reading, this is the gift for them. Parents can pre-record themselves reading aloud any picture book so their children can listen to them tell their favorite stories. This is perfect for parents who travel a lot, and often miss out on bedtime stories. Parents can also insert their own personal touches on the story like sound effects or other special messages to make the experience particularly meaningful.

The Voice Book Storyteller recognizes each page, so if the child skips around in the book, the recording will switch pages along with him or her. The device can store up to about 50 books (250 minutes), and has a USB cable for storing the recordings on your personal computer.

7. Nap Massaging Bed Rest
This is perfect for everyone. Just look at this thing. Who wouldn't want to read a book while reclining in this lush massaging bed rest?! Does your bookworm hate having to reach for his or her cup of coffee (or wine) while laying back and devouring the newest bestseller? This comes with a cup holder. Do they hate having to get up to turn off the light after they're done reading? This comes with a bendable LED light for optimum reading light quality. Last but certainly not least, it will give your bibliophile a relaxing massage at the end of the day. Best gift-giver ever? I think so.

8. Biddeford heated throw blanket
So, if you're considering getting the incredible massaging bed rest above, the perfect companion would be this velour heated blanket. As your book lover is cuddling up this winter, help them get more comfortable by gifting this glorious blanket to cozy up in. It comes with a hand-held heat control with six different heat settings so the wearer can choose the exact level they prefer, and an automatic shut-off safety mechanism so they don't have to worry about accidentally forgetting to turn it off. It comes in cream, gray or red.

9. Livrada e-book
Livrada is an e-book powerhouse helping to simplify the e-book process. If your bookworm prefers to read on an e-reader rather than lugging around the physical book, an e-book card from Livrada might be the perfect bet. It's a lot more personal than an Amazon or Barnes and Noble gift card, and it's even easier to redeem.

Each of the e-book cards is for a specific book, so it's a cute and more personalized way to gift e-books. Furthermore, the book will sync across all of your giftee's devices; they can simply pick up on their phone where they left off on their tablet. Easy as pie.

10. J-Shelf module
For the book lovers who have novels spilling over their bookshelves, stacked on the floor and tucked into every crevice possible, this is an artsy and functional solution. The J-Shelf was started on Kickstarter, and has yet to reach its goal, but it's a really fun and customizable shelf to meet your storage needs. Add the different units together to create completely unique shapes, ideal for storing whatever you need. This shelving unit would be especially useful for the bookworms who also have some literary trinkets they'd like to proudly display along with their book collection. From:

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Khmer Unicode

Khmer people now can learn how to typing  Khmer characters faster in computer by using "Khmer Unicode".

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